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suburb, people who have invested so much, heart, soul, time, money, energy. and one of the things that made this campaign unique was
, three of them americans, and an algerian energy site. what do we know about who was behind that killing and the motives? >> well, to me, it's very clear that you have al-qaeda, islam magreb and those are the ones who direct it had and something i believe was planned over a period of time and i think what we can say is in north africa. africa in general, but north africa in particular is going to be to the obama administration what afghanistan was during the 1990's during the clinton administration, really a gathering place for the islamic militants who want a launching pad and north africa is close to obviously, to europe and it's target the united states, our allies, and really, north africa, i believe, is the new battle ground in the war-- al-qaeda's war against us and what should be be our war against them. >> mike: we for a long time thought that the war with al-qaeda and islamic extremism was from the middle east. is this like whack-a-mole and strike them in one place and they pop up somewhere else and not so much on the run and dispooridi disappeari disappearing, they relocate to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)